Deodorant Wars: And the winner is…

After a month of painstaking (not really) testing and research, Femilady has found her knight in shining “body odor” armor.

To recap, about a month ago I posted about my utter vexation with 90% of deodorants and how (1) they suck, (2) are filled with crap, and (3) stop working after a week or two.

The alternative has always been to smell like fake flowers/rain forests/summer rain + B.O. (courtesy of the fake five: Degree, Sure, Dove, Secret, and Suave)  or a street rat/hippie + B.O. (Tom’s).

My first goal was to go as natural as possible since the chem-crap ones never worked in the first place. But I wanted to at least smell good.

I found my savior from foul smell in Lavanila’s Heathy Deodorant.

For starters, it really is “healthy”: no parabens, no propylene glycol, and no aluminum (not to mention a lot of other nasty crap). Best to avoid putting those nasty ingredients on the area connected with your lymphatic system (at least on a daily basis).

And it is actually soothing since it’s free of irritants like synthetic fragrances & dyes; so putting it on after a fresh shave doesn’t cause your pits to burn.

But the best part? I smell good. It doesn’t get “spicy” later on and it isn’t an overwhelming scent either. I’ve been practicing hot yoga, going out on hot summer nights, and sunbathing with it and seriously no stink.

What’s also cool is that they have a number of scent combos, which is great if you want to switch it up each time. Femilady currently hearts Vanilla Passion Fruit.

Head to your nearest Sephora and try it out (you can always return it if it doesn’t work wonders for you, but this would be a great shock to Femilady).

One caveat, however: it is a deodorant–not an antiperspirant–so sweating (if you’re a sweater like me) is inevitable. And there are times where you just need that necessary evil–job interviews, presentations, date nights, etc. So Femilady will embark on a quest to find the best deodorant/antiperspirant combo.

Just note that I strongly believe antiperspirants should be used sparingly (i.e. when you really, really don’t want to sweat).

For work, day-to-day routines, and hot yoga (i.e. 95% of the time),  I will be sporting my beloved, new essential: Lavanila’s Heathy Deodorant.