Hard as Nails: Pink Gel Coat

A few months ago, lil’ Debs (my momma) returned an item at Sephora sans receipt. With some store credit, she decided “what the ‘h’, I’ll just buy something now.”

She went to that oh-so-tempting Sephora “checkout line vortex” where it’s like Eve + a snake + apple.

Seriously, those little travel sizes and combo packs of awesome products everywhere are too cute and fun to say “no” to. In order to keep my practicality is pretty resolution I have to shield my eyes from their gleaming presence.

So, back to lil’ Debs. She’s perusing the plethora of checkout temptations and she sees this unfamiliar little product called “Pink Gel Coat“.

She checks the box and it claims to make your nails “stronger”, “brighter”, and “healthier”.  Lil’ Debs went for it and has been its biggest advocate ever since.

Since my mom has great taste, I decided to try it out. The result? Absolutely beautiful, bright nails that are incredibly strong and healthy. It dries unbelievably fast and the brightening is instant.

So how does it work? Here’s the lowdown:

The “Suit of Armor” for your nails. Just one coat will make them strong, hard and beautiful. Pink Gel Coat creates a sheer pink protein rich coatings which instantly strengthens, seals and protects natural nails so they can grow strong and long. Pink Gel Coat contains an optical brightener that will bring out the natural color in your nail bed and filter out any yellow appearance in the nail. Nails immediately appear fresh clean and healthy. They will look like you had a French Manicure.

And it’s absolutely true. Also, you use so little that I am expecting my little bottle will last at least a year.

Pink Gel Coat: you’ve been officially inducted into Femilady’s beauty hall of fame.