Fashion Week: Beauty Pro’s Favorites

Nars Team at Fashion Week. Credit

I love and respect makeup and hair artists more than I can express. It is an artistic medium and instead of a blank canvas, makeup artists have to adapt to different skin/hair types, tones, and conditions for each person. So I take their advice–and recommendations–very seriously.

And it makes me absolutely insane that I couldn’t see these pros in action at Fashion Week (seriously, I think taking a peek backstage and watching these artists in action would be more thrilling to me than seeing the actual show).

Ali Hoffman at Nylon Magazine is living Femilady’s dream and got to see the backstage action go down. To boot, she got to chat with the pros and get the lowdown on their personal beauty favs. Here’s what she learned:

Tina Turnbow for NYX Cosmetics at Erickson Beamon
I’m loving these Jumbo Eye Pencils by NYX. I did a show with them last season, at Imitation, and I fell in love with them. And I’ve been using them ever since!

Sarah Potempa for Aussie at Erickson Beamon 
Because I’m blonde, I’m really into deep conditioning my hair. So I use 3 Minute Miracle all the time, because something that’s heavier you can only use once a week, and I like to do it three times a week- because now girls are using so many styling tools, they need to just moisturize and condition.

Pearson Knight for Aveda at Boy By Band Of Outsiders 
I really like basing the foundation with a texture product, and with Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic I really love the texture you get and the response from the hair. If you mist hair from root to ends it gives it a light grit.

Odile Gilbert for Kerastase at Erin Fetherston
I’m obsessed with Kerastase’s mask and conditioner. Obsessed because I love to treat my hair, you know, take care of myself. It’s all about treatment–I love treatments.

Jane Park, founder of Julep, at Katie Gallagher 
You know, I’m not saying this just because we’re using it here, but it is Sienna–I’m wearing it under my glitter top coat. I find that it’s just really easy to apply–metallics tend to dry faster, so when you’re running and on-the-go, it’s an elegant look that goes with everything.

Simcha Whitehill for Color Club at Erickson Beamon 
So I always default to red, but we did a special color for Charlotte Ronson’s show called Seaside Surf–to die!  Like, I want to wear that all the time.  But right now my toes, I actually have gold leaf on my toes. We have gold foil flakes at Color Club.

Tom Pecheux for MAC at Peter Som 
There’s two things that I like: Advanced Night Repair from Estée Lauder—I try to put it on every night. There’s a toner from Biologique Recherche called P50V. They have great products with no perfume in them.

So awesome, and I am forever jealous of Lady Hoffman. New goal: to go to NYFW–and get backstage access–in the next five years. Time to scheme plan…