Keepin’ it Thick: Aveda’s Invati

You know what I love about Aveda? Pretty much every magazine I subscribe to–InStyle, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire–has an Aveda promo for free samples.Tear it out, bring it into your nearest Aveda store, and you’ll receive some generous samples.

Their latest kickass concoction is called Invati. The ad boasts: “Thicker fuller hair is yours”.

So you might be thinking, “why in the hell would someone who complains about their mounds of hair want it thicker? Femilady has ish.”

Well…it’s a well known fact I’m a sample whore lady of the night. And since I am officially a cat lady, I am curious as a cat; so, I wondered “will it make my already thick hair thicker?”

The answer is yes. I tried out my samples and as soon as I put the conditioner in my hair it was like “bam, I’m thick!”

Not annoying thick; soft-silky thick.

And it has that wonderfully fresh and invigorating scent like all Aveda products: like a bed of little flowers in magical fairy forest.

So if you have thin (or thinning) hair this is for you. Or if you want a nice little boost to your already thick tresses, you’ve got to try Invati.