A Femilady Fav: Barney’s Bag Event

I’ve been in an exceptionally good mood lately. Is because of…

Well obviously the combo of these glorious things = a totally awesome, lovely existence.

But! I’m extra, extra happy and hyper. Frightening…

Blame it on Barney’s Bag Event. Besides Nordstrom’s Holiday Party  event (Champagne + 10 points to the $ = bank account train wreck) it’s my favorite department store holiday.

First of all, you get a bag filled with beauty goodies and if you’ve shopped at Barney’s the lines they carry are the cream of the freakin’ crop. My favs? Oribe, Koh Gen Do, Tatcha (obviously!), NARS, By Terry, Chantecaille, REN, RahuaSunday Riley…raaaaa, I’m going to have a beauty seizure.

On Saturday, I’ll be getting a complimentary 1-hour Koh Gen Do facial, I’ll stock up on some “necessities”, and get my glorious bag!

Here are the items I plan to get:

Here are the items I’d also get if money wasn’t a factor / if I have a few glass of wine before I go:

Curses! I made a promise to myself no wine before, so I’ll leave those items for another happy day.

So even if you don’t have a Barney’s nearby, you can still get the beauty bag online! Happy shopping!