New(ish) Line to Love: Koh Gen Do

It all started with an actress concerned with her stressed skin…

No, this isn’t a fictional movie tagline–though I would totally watch it. It’s a true account from Koh Gen Do’s founder.

I really can’t think of a better mastermind behind a line than an actress. Think about it…

  • you’re wearing heavy makeup all day on set
  • you’re wearing heavy makeup for promotional gigs and awards
  • you’re sometimes even wearing heavy makeup on daily outings in case the paparazzi are on the prowl…hisss….

So this line was essentially born out of necessity and experience;  this actress still needed the expert coverage that studio makeup provides, but needed it to be gentle enough to heal and improve her abraded and irratated skin. Here’s what happened…

Koh Gen Do began developing makeup that didn’t contain petroleum-based products, synthetic fragrances and colors, but only natural ingredients derived from Japanese and Chinese herbs.

The makeup took off and naturally, a skincare line followed. Here are  a few of Femilady’s favs:

Oriental Plants Deep Moisture Mask, aka facial in a bottle

Manfashi Moisture Foundation, aka a multi-purpose master

Gommage Spa Gel, aka  a catalyst for “out with the old” [dead skin] and “in with the new” [nutrients]

And the icing on the cake? Here’s just a snippet of Koh Gen Do’s conscious choices:

We use plant extracts and other ingredients from nature whose safety has been proven throughout history to create cosmetics products.

Out of respect for our skin, we do not use artificial fragrances, petroleum-based mineral oil or synthetic pigments.

We believe that animals shouldn’t have to sacrifice their lives for our pursuit of beauty. It is time to end this sad chapter in cosmetics history.

Seriously, single tear and amen to that! You can get Koh Gen Do at most Barney’s locations or online!