Bookin’ It: Bobbi Brown’s Latest Treasure

Beauty isn’t about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality
-Bobbi Brown

My first “big girl makeup” purchase was for my 9th Grade Dinner dance. I went to Nordstrom, got a mini-makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter (who I thought was a dude for some years), and purchased 2 pretty eyeshadows.

No joke, I found the last bits of those eyeshadows in my old makeup drawer while helping my parents move. I don’t recommend using makeup that’s way over a decade old, but it was a nostalgic moment.

Bobbi Brown has always seemed like the nicest makeup gal on the block. And her line covers all the bases, but the colors and formulations are still primarily geared towards enhancing–not masking–natural beauty.

I also love that she is still active in the field; she is often on set, beautifying models and actresses herself.

Bobbi is also an author and her latest Pretty Powerful looks pretty awesome. Here’s a brief synopsis from Bobbi herself:

Over the years I’ve worked with countless women who have inspired me with their stories. Beyond makeup, we’ve talked about life-altering events. Everything from the joy of being a new mom to dealing with homelessness and divorce. With each conversation, these women have shown that when you have the will and the heart, almost anything is possible—and that’s what Pretty Powerful is all about.

You can get a sneak peek of some of the women featured in this book. The crazy thing is that the transformations are amazing, but like Bobbi’s mantra, they still look like themselves.

Here are a few of my favorites:

So if you love beauty, inspiring women, and of course Lady Bobbi, pick up a copy!