Scentastic: Serge Normat’s Avah Eau De Parfum

I’m smelling my hair right now.

Seriously, I pulled my hair in front of my face because it smells so good. I sound like a psycho, but I’m addicted…to the best smell ever! It’s like a cop to a krispy cream, a cat to a shoe, a Femilady to a glass of vino…

I posted about Serge Normant’s Avah Eau De Parfum some time ago and put it under my “I Want” list, which is usually reserved for the pricier products.

Well…I went a little crazy at Barney’s Bag Event. But, this purchase was 100% worth it.

First of all, it’s a fragrance for hair and body, so it’s not as wonderfully impractical as I might have originally inferred.

Scent is such a sensual experience for Serge, he wanted to develop a fragrance that was meant to be an indulgence…to use freely all over, including the hair.

So, since I haven’t purchased a fragrance in over a year I figured I’d go for it.

Here’s the thing about this scent: I bought it for my own “scent pleasure”. Not because a dude liked it on me, or one of my fab lady friends, or my momma. Nope, it’s for me.

I mean, I’m the closest person to myself there is.

That doesn’t make sense, but it does. No I’m not “high” right now, but I might as well be.

Okay…let’s move away from weirdo-lady above. Here are some details about the scent:

Avah encompasses alluring and exquisite notes of ylang ylang, jasmine, amber, soft woods and musks to create a sensual fragrance experience. Jojoba, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E add to the unique composition with their caring, nourishing properties.

Like all scents, “beauty” is in the “nasal passages of the beholder” but it’s been quite some time since I’ve felt this way about a scent.

Here are some places where you can take it for a test drive.

Alright, time to resume drinking my wine…and smelling my hair…