Best Deodorant/Anti-perspirant: made by…Donna Karan?

Yeah, it’s true. Donna Karan to the rescue!

If you want them pits to smell like a baby powder bonanza that does not overwhelm, this lil’ golden nugget is for you.

It’s not like the other antiperspirants that I swear are designed to eventually fail. I don’t care what the cause is (pH, hormones, etc), it’s seriously annoying.

Now, I have only been using for a month, but my homegirl has been using it for over 2 years every single day! And she still swears by it.

Another benefit is that it does not irritate your skin–even post-shave, it’s pretty sheer so doesn’t chalk-up your clothing, and it leaves your underarms silky smooth.

And even though it’s made by one of the world’s top designers, it doesn’t necessarily have a designer price. It is roughly 30% more than your average drugstore crap brand, but here’s why it’s worth it:

  • Since it’s a solid, you don’t waste as much–those clicky ones are wastemongers.
  • You don’t have to go into a drugstore to get it, which is always a terrifying experience for this lady.
  • When it comes to smelling good, a few extra dollars is absolutely worth it.

Hint: if you want to save a few bucks get it at Nordstrom. Not sure how or why, but it’s approximately 20% cheaper than other retailers.