Just in time for Halloween: A.B.O +/- Blood Serum

Note to my lovely readers: this isn’t just an “I Want” post. It’s an “I Really Want” post.

But let me start with why I think getting old is awesome (this will be somewhat relevant in just a moment…I think):

  • When people ask “Why do you prefer to go to bed at 9:30?” I can now reply “Because I’m old!”
  • When people ask “Why is Jeopardy! your favorite show?” I can now reply “Because I’m old!”
  • When people ask “Why would you choose to hang out with Morely Safer instead of Kayne West?”  I can now reply “Because I’m old!”

I could go on for hours. But it’s 9PM and I want to go to bed soon.

Now I fully embrace getting older. I know I’m not that old, but I am starting to notice a few signs of aging living.

And it’s pretty much limited to eye business. Nothing crazy dramatic, but it’s like “oh, hello little crow’s feet”. Or “top of the morning to you, darkening under-eye bastards circles.”

Not a huge deal, but looking tired when you’re not tired–and lord knows I get my 9 hours–is kind of lame.

So I’m on a quest, not for something dramatic, but for something that could provide a little pick me up.

One product that has caught my “tired-ish looking” eye is A.B.O +/- Blood Serum. Sounds terrifying or something out of True Blood. But don’t be afraid…

[It] is not real blood or a blood substitute, but provides crucial benefits that enable skin around the eyes to look and feel refreshed, radiant, hydrated, visibly bright and rested.

Mmmkay…so then what is it?

[A.B.O +/- Blood Serum] is a rejuvenating eye gel that harnesses a blend of oxygen-rich ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark, under-eye circles.

Mmkay….still a little scared? Well get this:

All ingredients are environmentally safe and non-toxic. Contains no parabens, propylene glycol or added fragrance.

The verdict is still out since Femilady is on a serious budg, but it’s on my radar (which means I’ll give in by winter’s end).

And if you have some fun funds to spare…check it out. Just know that I’m jealous.