Eyelash Enhancers: the New Frontier

It pains me to write this, but after much deliberation I have come to a very difficult decision concerning my eyelashes: I’m giving up my extensions.

I will always love you extensions, but now that I go to hot yoga 6+ times a week, you just don’t last as long as I’d like you to. This not only makes me sad, it makes my wallet very, very sad.

But since I decided extensions are not exactly practical for me a few weeks ago, it looks like my eyelashes have been singed. Not that extensions did permanent damage or anything, but it does take some time for your lashes to fill back in.

So, as you can imagine, not cute. And no, I will not be posting a picture.

Now a lot of you have asked me to look into eyelash enhancers, which I could definitely use since I have lame baby lashes at the moment.

I’ve refused for quite some time since (1) I don’t like anything too crazy near my eye, (2) I’ve had a hell of a time finding one without a prostaglandin analogue.

What is a prostaglandin analogue?

It is the drug used to treat glaucoma that – because it may change the color of your eyes or even impact sight – has made eyelash growth products controversial to say the least.

¡No Gracias!

And most of the popular enhancers contain this (sometimes listed as 17-Phenyl Trinor Pge2-Sa)  or other questionable ingredients (parabens, methylchloroisothiazalinone, etc.).

I have , however, found a few promising ones that I plan to try out. One is called MaxoLash that boasts a small list of ingredients that are relatively safe. The only iffy ingredient is Phenoxyethanol, which I plan to write about soon. A lot of “clean/natural” cosmetic companies use it in lieu of parabens and while it’s “safer”, you’d still be better off without it.

But as your trusted beauty addict, I will embark on this enhancer journey and report back in a month or so to fill you in on the results.

Fingers crossed!