Holy Hairspray, Khiel’s!

Hairstyles are funny. My hair has been around the block and then some.

It’s been red, jet black, platinum blonde. I’ve had narsty/skunky streaks, “The Rachael“, keratin treatments, and self-inflicted bangs.

Now I’m in the “big hair” phase. Femilady has a big face, so it’s only logical.

Big hair requires some big hair products. Mousse has become one of my super favs–post to come. But I need something to hold this mound o’ hair in place.

I’ve been using some hairsprays in aerosol cans for some time.  I heard that they were a-ok for the environment since aerosols made in the good ol’ USA have not contained ozone-depleting chemicals hlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) since the 1970s.

While that’s true, they still contain other nefarious properties. CSMonitor.com breaks it down.

They still contain hydrocarbons or compressed gases or both that are notorious for their contribution to global warming. Every time you hit the spray button, you enlarge your carbon footprint, ever so slightly.

I stand corrected.

But hairspray sans aerosol? Didn’t realize it existed. Well it does, but is it effective?

If it’s Khiel’s Climate-Proof Shine-Enhancing Non-Aerosol Spray then the answer is a big yes…and then some.

It holds, it shines, it volumizes (don’t think that’s a word). And best of all, it’s not sticky. Here’s the dl from Khiel’s

Our non-aerosol spray provides a strong, yet flexible control for an all-day hold. This versatile styling spray may be used for styling hair or as a finishing touch of shine and control. Its medium-hold formula improves shape and volume while maintaining a long-lasting hairstyle regardless of climate or weather conditions.

And it’s super, duper cheap and doesn’t make you pass out from inhaling aerosol generated chemicals.

Good for the environment and the brain cells. Win-win!