Makeup Video Tutorials Courtesy of Lady Lisa Eldridge

I’m lady judgy-pants sometimes. A lot of beauty video tutorials are annoying because…

  1. they’re overproduced with annoying music and dancing bears
  2. they’re hawking beauty wares this lady no-likey and ostensibly sponsored by a particular brand
  3. they’re featuring self-indulgent peeps who like to look/listen to themselves and don’t offer much in beauty edification.

Then I found Lisa Eldridge. She’s officially my #1 lady crush right now, which means that I want to be her best friend. I’ve inducted her into my Rashida Jones-Karen O-Margaret Atwood (to name a few) sorority of awesome-smart-strong-beauty ladies.

She is a true artist in the land of makeup. Been in the biz for over two decades (though she doesn’t look like it) and if you check out her list o’ glam clients you will be super jelly.

When she isn’t beautifying the mugs of the newsworthy notables, she shares her sage advice with us laymen layladies.

Here are a few of my favorite videos and why:

No Makeup-MakeupThere’s nothing more satisfying and sultry than no-makeup makeup. Not just for your significant other or the general public, but for YOU. Who doesn’t like to look in the mirror and go “hmmm…you look good (naturally!) girl.” Effortless-looking beauty should require little effort.

Chic & Simple 5 Minute Make up: You won’t believe the before and after on this one (and it’s under 5 minutes). Yes, my girl L.E. has lovely genes, but the transformation is so subtle, yet makes such a statement.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes – Causes and Treatments: An issue that hits close to Femilady’s home face. Lady L.E. breaks down why they’re there, how to prevent, and how to disguise.  And her pronunciation of “capillaries” and “vitamin” confirm that the Brits will always sound more intelligent and melodious than us yanks.

Meeting up with the ex – Chat and make-up: This video signifies why I think Lady L.E. has mastered the art of video makeup tutorials. She combines her beauty expertise with some genuine and caring girl talk. It’s like getting advice and encouragement from your bestie while getting a makeover at the same time. Brilliant.

And there are so many more videos, so I have no doubt you’ll find one (or 20) applicable to your beauty questions and aesthetics.

So go pop some popcorn and uncork some wine and watch this lady master reveal her mastery!