An Ode to Hair Mousse

Yeah, for reals.

I always thought hair mousse was for (1) people with naturally curly hair or (2) people who like crispy-crunchy feeling hair.

Then I got this awesome clipless curling iron–that are all the rage at the moment–and I loved it, but my curls fell out so quickly.

I wanted the curls of my labor to stay for longer than an hour.

A friend suggested hair mousse. I told her thought she was crazy. But I’m a risk taker and figured I’d try anything to get long-lasting curls.

I sauntered over to Sephora and grabbed a travel size of Living proof’s Full Thickening Mousse.

The rest is history. I tried it, loved it, and will never leave home without it.

Here are how to use tips:

  • Apply to damp (not sopping or dry) hair
  • A little goes a long way; stick with a satsuma-sized amount
  • After applying, brush out your hair for even application
  • Before curling apply a small amount of smoothing serum like Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime
  • Post curling, set with a small amount of hairspray like Khiels’ Climate-Proof Shine-Enhancing Non-Aerosol Spray

I highly recommend Living proof because it’s multipurpose: it provides volume (great for thinner hair), superb hold, it’s color safe (like all l.p. products) and a fab scent.

Oh, and free shipping, free returns (yes, if you’re not happy return it!), and free samples with every order from

Need more “proof”? Check out Allure‘s review:

Most body builders help hair defy gravity with a gluelike ingredient—called PVP/VA copolymer—that suspends hair off the scalp. But an encounter with a brush, wind, or your restless hands breaks down this brittle coating, and hair sinks like a fallen soufflé. Living Proof scientists ignored the traditional target (roots) and instead created a flexible polymer that adds volume through the length of the hair and stays effective—through mussing and fussing—until the next shampoo.

Happy moussing!