“Wine-y” Teeth

No surprises here, Femilady hearts her wine.

I love white & red, but I usually avoid the latter while out and about since purple teeth tend to cramp my smile style.

So, white wine it is (or whiskey depending on the night). No creepy colored teeth, just pearly pearls.

But while white wine might be a superficially better choice for your teeth, it does come with some ‘behind-the-scenes’ consequences.

New York City dentist Irwin Smigel–creator of Supersmile–breaks it down to Oprah.com:

White wines are generally more acidic than reds; the high acid content erodes tooth enamel, which leaves teeth vulnerable to stains.

I guess I should have already known or assumed this, but I’ll blame it on the wine.

So what’s a gal to do? Grape teeth or erosion-city teeth? Or (gasp!) no wine at all!

That third death sentence option is not an option for Femilady, so here are a few things you can do to eliminate superficial and underlying repercussions:

  1. Water, water, waterDiamonds are Water is a girl’s best friend. It will not only reduce your risk of having a wee bit of a hangover the next day, but it will also attenuate the acidity effects.
  2. Food, food, food. Food, glorious food, will do the same as H2O. See above.
  3. Come armed. Bring along portable teeth cleaners like GO SMiLE’s super chic Touch Up® ampoules. This will help with imbibers of red (reclaim your pearly whites!) and white (reclaim your healthy boca!).