Mythbusters! Femilady Edition! Java Jam!

I love little golden nuggets of information, especially when it comes to health and beauty.

And I really love little golden nuggets of information when something I love turns out to have more positive than negative effects.

No, it’s not wine (though I can try to make a strong case for that one, albeit not a terribly convincing one). It’s coffee!

In the am, java is my jam. I have 2 delicious cups with my sweet lazy person machine Keurig. But with all the hot yoga and vino, I figured one of my dehydrating dependencies had to go.

Obviously I’m not insane, so yoga and vino stayed in the picture. Ugh, java it is. Until I decided to do some research…

Apparently coffee doesn’t dehydrate you. Femilady be mythbusting courtesy of

Researchers used to believe that caffeinated drinks had a diuretic effect. This means that you would urinate more after drinking them, which could increase your risk of becoming dehydrated. Recent research shows that this is not true and that caffeine has a diuretic effect only if you consume large amounts of it — more than 500 to 600 milligrams (the equivalent of 5 to 7 cups of coffee) a day.

Sweet goodness, who drinks 7 cups of coffee a day? OK, no judging here (but really?).

Need more proof, check out‘s caffeine ≠ dehydration claim (along with other mythbusting items).

And there are a slew of supposed health benefits, which sound great to me, but I feel like the verdict is still out on a lot of them. If you’re interested in reading up on them, however, has a great profile of caffeine’s health assets.

So, I think I’m cool with my 2 cups. Totally cool. But keep in mind the stuff after 3PM makes Femilady a bit jittery and I don’t like how it messes with my sleep. Therefore, I am not endorsing over-consumption of the stuff–balance is key.

There’s your little golden nugget of info!

And if you’re not a coffee drinker, may I suggest some other Femilady favs–Oolong or Red Roobios tea–which have some righteous benefits!