No More Hair Tool Hassle

What do I love more than a bathroom filled with beauty products & tools?

A well-organized bathroom filled with beauty products & tools!

Alas, some chaos is inevitable in a sometimes chaotic life. A great example is the poor drawer that houses my hair styling tools.

Ugh…it’s a hot mess of cords, curlers, pins, straighteners, hair ties, brushes, some hair (gross)… and a hair dryer. Everything is tangled, mangled,  and stupid looking.

But there’s hope for a seeming hopeless mess! It’s called The Style & Go Haircare Valet.

Here are some dets:

Reimagine how you store your hair care and other bathroom items. This personal styling center neatly organizes your heat styling tools, makeup and accessories and other bathroom appliances. A built-in power strips lets you control your appliances with the switch of a button and safely use them from the same location where they’re stored. Clear up countertop clutter and tidy up your bathroom in seconds!

It’s a little pricey, but is on sale at the moment. So if you have the cash and need some organization in your life this might be your new jam.

Oooo…and there’s a fancy HSN spot showing Style & Go in action.