♩♪♫These are a few of my favorite things♩♪♫

I try not to covet, but one thing that makes me green with envy are those who hold golden tickets to Oprah’s Favorite Things show.

Imagine if Santa was a badass woman (Oprah) with exquisite taste (Oprah) and you were surprised with mounds of gifts ranging from lovely nail polish sets to fancy sipping tequila to tempur-pedic mattresses (hello, beauty rest!).

Yes, like all lovers of fun, fancy, and fabulous things, I look forward to Oprah’s list every year.

While perusing Oprah’s list I was inspired to do a little Femilady version, but with a beauty focus of course!

♪♬♭These are a few of Femilady’s favorite things♩♪♫

Click on the numbers below to reveal!