Femilady’s Holiday Gift Guide

I am super groggy, the house smells like turkey, and I am sporting a food baby at the moment…

It must be the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday!

While I want to punch myself in the face for eating and drinking too much last night, I plan to treat myself to a couch day, while many cattle Americans are being corralled lining up to score some discounted deals.

Since I am a lazy snob, you’ll never find me shopping on Black Friday; the lines, crowds, mounds of crap stuff everywhere, and the few glassy-eyed deal-dolts rummaging about makes Femilady break out in hives.

So why oh why would you subject yourself to such miserable circumstances when you could score some sweet gifts via the Internets?

While perusing some online stores I found some ultra fabulous gift ideas.

Click on the numbers below to reveal my top picks!