Beauty “Box”-ing Craze

The Internets…’tis a curious beast.

I’m in awe of how its accessibility can produce such saturated viral markets, however niche-y said markets are.

Take the beauty box craze. There a so many of them, how is a lady to choose?

  • Do your research: Look for contents of previous boxes, brands carried, and overall philosophy. Also, check out other reviews. Refinery29 has an awesome Beauty Boxes Smackdown article that provides pros & cons.
  • Start with month-to-month: If you’re a commitment-phobe like Femilady when it comes to beauty products, do month-to-month. If you love it, check out bi- or tri- monthly subscription deals which are more cost effective.
  • Be honest with yourself: The best way to find out whether a beauty subscription service is right for you? Answer this question: Are you a present peeker or a surprise lover? If the latter, I think you’d love these beauty box subscriptions. If you’re the former–i.e. control freak like yours truly–you might not be too keen on opening a box full of unknowns.
  • …But have fun with it: I’d bet you my fat cat that you’ll say “bleh” or “meh” to at least one of the samples you receive. Even though a lot of box services customize your box according to some of your general preferences, it’s not a perfect science since we all like different colors, consistencies, ingredients, etc. But if it’s just for a month subscription, think of it as a little present to yourself. Who doesn’t want to be surprised with some lovely gifts? And if you don’t like something pass along to a lovely friend who might like it!

Click on my lame pagination the numbers below to reveal the 3 beauty box subscriptions that caught my eye!