Tip Time: This One Is a Keeper…

urban decayOh, dreaded dry weather…you’re such a little shyster.

My skin is experiencing the blemish blues, and it’s super annoying.

I’m trying really hard to leave it alone and not overwhelm my skin with too much product or exfoliation, but that’s an uphill battle.

While I impatiently wait for my skin to behave, I have discovered a tip that I am just soooo excited about to at least hide the evidence…

Before adding concealer, add eyeshadow primer–yes primer for your peepers–to that pesky blemish.

I’ve been using my Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion before I apply my concealer and boy does it ever stay put.

I may have blemishes, but with this trick I could fool anyone into thinking I have problem free skin. Well, unless it’s terrible lighting or you have eagle-eyes (in that case, don’t look at me).

If you have reservations about using your eyeshadow primer in new territories, check out Benefit Cosmetics’ Stay Don’t Stray primer. It’s known as the “360 Primer” meaning you can use it anywhere you apply makeup!