Face Oils Revisited

If I had a genie in a bottle I’d wish for a product that could be used for all skin types, concerns, and conditions.

Unfortunately, I do not believe in genies, so my aforementioned thought shall remain a mere daydream.

As a beauty blogger, I find it extremely important, but oftentimes difficult to speak to each skin concern.

How can I, as a dry skin diva, back products that are for oily, combination, and problematic (acne, rosacea, etc.) skin types?

Well, the simple answer is, I can give recommendations based on research, but I can’t personally vouch for certain products that aren’t necessarily made for my skin type & concerns.

It is, however, also important to remember, that any product I recommend (or any specialist, blogger, or beauty resource recommends) won’t always be right for you even if you share my same concerns.

A great example is face oil. I am a total lady of the night for face oils. I love dousing my face in them post shower, throughout the day, and of course before my geriatric early bird bedtime.

Understandably, oils are not for everyone. For some, it’s the consistency, for others it’s just the idea that slathering oil on your face seems too bizarre.

If you aren’t opposed to the idea of face oils and just need to know what kind to use, then you’re in luck.

Femilady here has recommended her favorite oils for dry skin in the past (and I have a great, new one I’ve been using, which I’ll be writing about soon..)

But what about oily and combination skin? I did some digging and found some wonderful options to try. But before I reveal those, let me make the case for why you should try them:

  1. They’re cheap
  2. If you don’t like them for your face, you can use on your body, hair, or–in the case of coconnut oil–to cook with
  3. They’re au naturel and fragrance free (always double check ingredients though)!

With the help of HuffingtonPost.com herewith is a general list of the best oils for your skin type:

Combination Skin: Coconut Oil

This is a miracle product. Though originally a cooking item, it’s also an incredible face moisturizer, body lotion and hair repair (apply to dry ends), plus the beachy scent is instantly transporting. You can pick up a jar of virgin coconut oil at your local healthy food store. Many of our beauty street style subjects swear by it.

HuffPost recommends Whole Foods Virgin Coconut Oil which is cheaper than a glass of happy hour white wine at $7. And if you don’t like for your mug, you can apply it to your hair, body, or put it in the frying pan!

Oily Skin: Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is best for oily skin types, since it absorbs quickly. Focus application around the eyes, avoiding the T-zone and existing breakouts.

Now Foods Grape Seed Oil is recommended in the article, and while I haven’t used it for my face, I’ve used this exact oil for my body in the past and loved it because it’s hydrating, soothing, and cheap (less than $10 for a 16oz bottle).


Dry Skin: Vitamin E Oil

Fantastic at soothing burns and diminishing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, vitamin E is an incredible all-over body hydrator.

Apply at night then cover with pajamas you don’t really care about (or can just machine wash) to save your sheets and wake up to soft, radiant skin.

Okay, I’d like to pimp my face oils post here, but I’d listen to HuffPost on this one if you’re new to the face oil game. Why?

Well, a lot of the recommendations I’ve made in the past are on the pricier side, while a bottle of Jason Natural Cosmetics’ Vitamin E Oil will cost you a measly $7.

My wallet is cursing me at the moment…

Then again, I have become such a face oil connoisseur that I’ll continue to explore, use, and write about all the different oils in the glorious oil rainbow!