And the “Color of 2013” is…

yves-saint-laurent-eyelinerInstead of making (and not keeping) resolutions each year, one of my best friends and I make up mottos to set the tone for the year ahead. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • You Snooze You Lose 2010
  • Put Out or Get Out 2011
  • I Can’t Be Bothered 2012

Our 2013 motto is not PG, so I won’t be posting it here but it’s hilarious and inspiring; one for the go-getter gals and guys.

The beauty world also likes to set the ‘tone’ for the year, though it’s more hue-related (and definitely more kid friendly).

So, what’s the beauty hue of 2013?

According to Sephora and Pantone Universe it’s emerald!

NARS-eyeshadow-duo I love emerald for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • I live in the Emerald City
  • It’s my mommalady‘s and babylady‘s birthstone
  • It’s such a fun, glamorous, and feminine color to wear that befits all seasonal palettes.

To celebrate the viridescent color of 2013, Sephora and Pantone Universe have teamed up to offer a new makeup collection:

United by a passion for color, Sephora and Pantone combine their expertise to become beauty’s leading authority on color.

Sharing an affection for how color can transform a face, mood, or even an attitude, this breakthrough beauty partnership will change how you wear, feel, and think about color.julep-emerald-nail-vernis

You’ll be introduced to playful shades that will inspire experimentation and exhilarating new products you’ll impulsively want to sweep on. It will reawaken and reinvigorate your own passion for color—or ignite a newfound love.

Sweet! But, it’s not available yet. You have to wait till the new year. You can, however, sign up for updates so you can be in the know.

And to distract tide you over till then, check out these exquisite emerald eyeliners, polishes, eyeshadows, and much more!