An Exercise that = Deep Tissue Massage + Toned Muscles + Flexibility

Since I use my blog to post primarily about things I love (keeping it positive), you’d be surprised to know that I dislike a lot of things too. Rapid fire time!

  • Drugstores (ok, you already knew this)
  • Talking baby commercials
  • Flash mobs
  • People who don’t like the brother fats
  • Required audience participation (e.g. Ride the Ducks, Blue Man Group, etc.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg people. But you know what really makes me mad as a hornet (which I also hate)? Holiday-themed articles in some beauty magazines that fixate on how to avoid such glorious goods. Yes, it’s great to be healthy–I’m a health nut 360 days out of the year minus booze–but holidays are for celebrating and who doesn’t want some pie and spiked eggnog a few times a year?

I don’t like being told “avoid sweets by chewing gum” or “replace your go-to ale with MGD 64“. If I wanted to ‘make eyes’ with everyone’s dessert plates and drink beer flavored water, then maybe.

Again, being health conscious is great but I dislike these “no duh”, guilt trip articles during a season where we should be focused on celebrating with our loved ones not agonizing over temptations and beating ourselves up for having some peppermint bark and some real wine (not this crap in a bottle).

Ok, that was a long lead-in…and yes I have a point (I think).

Even though I choose to ignore these articles during holiday parties and festivities (because that would be soul crushing for Femilady), it doesn’t mean my body is happy with me the next morning.

When I’m sporting a food baby or had a wee too much to drink at a holiday party, the last thing I want to do is go to my hot yoga class or do anything for that matter. What I really want is to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow (or at least dart around on a rascal scooter).

But my body is aching because of a long day on the couch. All I want is a massage. And having the brother fats sitting on me doesn’t count. What’s a lady to do?

yamuna-body-rolling-logoThe best thing to to do is to hop on a ball, but not just any ball…a Yamuna Body Rolling Ball.

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Yamuna Body Rolling is a relaxing, energizing workout that elongates, tones, strengthens and aligns the body. It feels like an incredible deep tissue massage.

So it not only feels great, but it also keeps you toned and in shape by…

…working all the muscles of the body you are increasing your overall circulation, freeing up muscle restrictions, improving range of motion, flexibility, and posture, and developing core strength.

And though weight-loss benefits aren’t 100% universal, body rolling helps everyone look leaner.

 …[it] stimulates all the nerve roots along the spine. These nerve roots stimulate our vital organs and glands, which encourages lymphatic drainage and helps some people lose weight by increasing the metabolism. Though you might not lose weight, you will definitely lose inches. Elongating and freeing muscles improves your posture, so you have a longer, leaner look.

So how do these magical balls actually work magic? breaks it down:

Yamuna’s specifically engineered balls apply traction that frees connective tissue (myofascia), re-educates muscles and tendons to fully release, de-codes negative holding patterns, opens the breath, and improves circulation, energy, and nerve function. Bone is stimulated to reverse the impact it has sustained over time from repetitive activities, and bone health affects the rest of the body.

What I love the most about it is that it’s a great way to treat and take care of your body post workout. We all know stretching is important, but body rolling is so much more effective and therapeutic.

Yamuna offers a variety of instructional videos ranging from hips to feet (even the face!)

While the videos are great, I highly recommend taking a class. Yamuna’s site offers a great practitioner locator and in a couple of classes you’ll have the basics down and can practice on your own!

I was introduced to body rolling at my pilates studio. Check out this news story on my instructor Levana (she’s so adorable) where she explains all the benefits of body rolling.

As you can see, it’s relaxing but extremely beneficial in terms of flexibility, toning, and healing those aches and pains.

So even on your laziest days, you’ll want to grab a ball and get rolling (while in pajamas and watching a Game of Thrones marathon of course!)