Best Beauty Resources

gwen-stefani-instyleDon’t you love doing research when it’s more of a hobby than homework?

I have several things that I love to research on a regular basis–recipes, places to travel, history of Russia (my current historical obsession), and popular music studies. But my favorite topics to research are (surprise!) beauty and health related.

Yeah, I know, you’re not surprised…

Since I frequently indulge my passion for beauty, I have come across a lot great–and a few not so great–resources.

The key, I have found, is variety. If I only relied on just a few sources for my research my posts would be lame, stale, and predictable. Since Femilady ventured into beauty blogging, I have consulted 100s of fellow beauty blogs, magazines, various online resources.

But since many of you are not as crazy as I am and have an actual life, you might want a nicely curated arsenal of beauty resources to reference on occassion.

In an effort to be helpful–instead of inundating you with lists of magazines, sites, blogs, and online tutorials–I want to share my 3 favorite resources.

Drum roll…

Best Magazine: InStyle

InStyle is like the enthusiastic, encouraging (and sometimes enabling) best friend that is au courant with style.

Whether it’s trends, tips, or tricks, InStyle has you covered.

InStyle is the bible of beauty and fashion.

While they specialize in beauty and fashion, they also extend their pages to shopping tipshome decor, entertaining, and giving back.

And even though they feature celebs on the cover each month, it is far from a gossip rag. Its window into hollywood glam provides fun information like celebrity beauty rituals, lifestyles, and inspirations not rumors and speculations.

Still can’t get yourself to subscribe?  At the very least, treat yourself to InStyle’s annual Best Beauty Buys issue. It’s a Femilady keeper and is packed full of recommendations from the “bargain bin” buys to “market price” products.

no-more-dirty-looksBest Online Resource: No More Dirty Looks

I want to be one of the No More Dirty Looks gals I grow up. They’re knowledgable, funny, self-deprecating…all my favorite things.

Oh, and they’re crazy for clean products, which is something I find challenging (in terms of being totally eco-clean in my product choices), but also incredibly rewarding.

My favorite posts are the Skin and Hair Routines primarily because each author provides useful information like their age, skin/hair types & concerns, and even their current climate.

These posts always remind me how important it is for readers to understand why you like products and how they meet your particular needs and preferences.

In addition, they have fun reviews of pure products, diy tricks, and health, happiness, and healing tips.

And don’t get me started on their Meatless Monday Menus. Even though I eats the meats on occasion, the meals showcased here are real, substantial meals; not fad diet flub filled with calorie counting and soul-sucking carb evasions.

The only issue I have is when I have a glass (okay two glasses) of wine and start cruising through this site, I’ll look up at the clock and it’s (gasp!) way past Femilady’s g-ma bedtime (10PM).

It’s hard to have self control when things are this good.

lisaeldridgeBest Video Tutorials: Lisa Eldridge Make Up

I professed my undying love for Lisa in an earlier post.

[Lisa] is a true artist in the land of makeup. Been in the biz for over two decades (though she doesn’t look like it) and if you check out her list o’ glam clients you will be super jelly.

When she isn’t beautifying the mugs of the newsworthy notables, she shares her sage advice with us laymen layladies.

Her video tutorials are a treat to watch because they’re informative, topical, and straightforward.

And while she’s personable and affable like a good friend, she doesn’t waste your time with tangential, self-serving spiels.

It’s about the topic at hand, not about her, which I truly appreciate.

It also doesn’t hurt that she’s pleasant to listen to. It just makes me want to have an English accent and marry an English man (I guess the latter is possible).