Dita Von Teese’s Dictum = A Beautiful New Year’s Resolution

dita-von-teese99% of what I post about is superficial.

Not necessarily superficial in the bad sense–where there’s lacking in depth of character or substance–but in the more literal “existing or occurring at or on the surface” sense.

As mentioned earlier, I’m not a big resolutions person. Alternatively, I like the idea of having random resolutions throughout the year and I also think it’s better to think of them as “things I’d like to improve on” not “things I need to do (or not do)”.

But this year, I am joining to the January 1 resolution ring and it’s all Dita Von Teese’s fault.

Yes, Dita Von Teese. As much as I want to focus on how she achieves her sultry signature look or takes care of her flawless, porcelain skin, I was struck by a particular comment she made to BellaSugar.com.

Dita begins by stating a very familiar mantra:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is very, very true…Everyone has different ideals of what they think is beautiful…

Okay, yes, totally agree. But then Dita takes it a step further:

I won’t tolerate being around people that actually judge beauty vocally.  When somebody says, ‘I don’t think she’s pretty,’ I look at them and think, ‘Wow, I never noticed how ugly you were before.’

Crap. I’m totally guilty of this, especially for those in the spotlight.

It reminded me of my initial reaction to a certain actress who, if you saw her on the street, would be turning heads left and right. But my knee jerk reaction was to undercut her appearance. Why? Well, at the time I just thought she was a bad actress and was overplaying the whole sex kitten thing. In hindsight, however, I think I was simply threatened by her seductive appearance.

dita-von-teese-make-upOver time I have grown to really like her, not only for her choice of roles, but for her choice to keep her personal life as personal as possible.

Overall, I am very positive about physical beauty whether it’s someone’s natural beauty, personal style, or quirky traits, but there are instances where I vocalize some scornful thoughts that are absolutely worthless and make me an ‘uglier’ person.

So my resolution this year is to be a more ‘beautiful’ person by forestalling any attempt to vocalize (and even think) negative thoughts about someone’s outward appearance.

Because, as Dita wisely states…

It’s a strange thing to judge someone’s appearance.

Here’s to a beautiful 2013!