Lip Scrub: Is It Essential?

sara-happ-lip-scrubAs much as I love beauty products, I am still wary of gimmicks and fads.

  • Do I really need a separate lotion for my neck and décolletage?
  • Can’t I just use my regular body oil on my cuticles instead of a specific cuticle oil?
  • And what about hand lotion? Wouldn’t body lotion be suitable for my hands?

This year, I’d like to explore questions like this further and will keep you updated on my findings.

But Santa Mommalady surprised me with one product that I do not own simply because I always thought it was sort of unnecessary…

Lip Scrub. Yes, an exfoliant for your lips.

I immediately tried my sara happ’s Blood Orange Lip Exfoliator and well, call me a sucker, I love it. My lips were soft, supple, and soothed.

I always used my other face scrubs for my lips, but apparently I should have known better. Lips do not have oil glands, so that dry-cold weather = chapping crisis.

Your lips are like a sponge: When exposed to moisture, they absorb it and plump up, but abuse them with dehydrating conditions like cold weather, hot showers, or lip licking, and they’ll look parched and shriveled.

Therefore, it’s important that whatever we put on our lips has hydrating properties.

My sara happ Lip Exfoliator boasts moisturizing ingredients like grape seed oil and jojoba seed oil.

The only ingredient I don’t like is petrolatum. This is an ingredient I have on my “to research” list, so once I do some more digging, I’ll share my findings with you. But since you wipe off this product anyways after you’re done scrubbing, I’m not sweating it too much.

If you want an a cheaper and ‘cleaner’ alternative, check out some at home remedies; I found some ‘must try’ ones starring baking soda, honey, and  almond oil.

For the lazies out there (or if you don’t have or want to use your own foodstuffs on your puckers), grab a sara happ lip savior!