Spray Tan Ban

credit Adam Gault/Getty Images

credit Adam Gault/Getty Images

Watching the Golden Globes last Sunday reminded me that I am so damn pale. Yes, it’s my fault for living under a blanket of clouds 3/4 of the year in Seattle, but this business is becoming translucent.

When I was a dumb young lady, I used to head to the tanning bed whenever the pale fairy paid me a visit. Then I found out tanning beds are carcinogenic (i.e. highest cancer risk category) which is pretty scary.

Then spray tans became all the rage. I have never had a spray tan and quite honestly have never wanted one. I’ve tried tanning gels/lotions and they just made me smell really weird and I stained everything with my oompa loompa handprints. And the ginger zebra stripes…not so cute.

Well, now my initial anxieties protected me from some spray tan nastiness. The oh so cute, informative, and fun Birchbox blog breaks it down:

Some terrible news for spray tan aficionados: a recent investigation has revealed that the practice may be cancerous. According to a panel of six medical experts working with ABC News, an ingredient in the spray tan formula, dihydroxyacetone or DHA, has been shown in some cases to cause ‘genetic alteration and DNA damage.’  Terrifying.

The FDA guidelines on DHA were originally established in 1977 approving use of the chemical in ‘external products.’ At that point, the ingredient was mainly used in tanning lotions, thus making it unlikely that anyone would be ingesting it. Now, the organization firmly states on its website that ‘DHA should not be inhaled or ingested.’

The moral of this story…Femilady should stop being so vain and embrace her Scottish pastiness; it’s not cute, but chemicals like this are uglier.

For more on spray tans check out GMA’s informative story.

And if you’re still stuck in 1999 and are still using tan beds, you should probably read this