Hair Color Boost with Rita Hazan

rita-hazan-foaming-color-glossLast week I noticed that I was way past due for a hair coloring. My roots were out of control, I was in serious need of some hairdresser-girl talk, and my color was anything but vibrant.

While I can’t do anything about the first two items until my next appointment next week, I was able to give my color and tone a much needed boost.

I’ve seen Rita Hazan’s products lining the shelves at Sephora for a few months now, but never thought about trying it until my hair color took “blah” to a whole new level.

It only took one Foaming Color Gloss application to make me a believer. My hair was shinier, brighter, and less brassy.

There are 3 different formulations that target specific hair color concerns:

  1. Brass Reducer – Tones down brassiness and adds super shine. Created for blondes, brunettes, gray to tone down brassiness, orange hues, and red tones with this tinted color-correcting gloss.  It even eliminates yellow from gray hair.
  2. Gold Enhancer – Enhances golden tones and adds super shine. Created for blondes, brunettes, redheads to bring out the golden tones in dull brown and blonde hair and restore richness and warmth to shades of red.
  3. Ultimate Shine – Created for all hair colors color-treated and natural to add super shine

After you shampoo, distribute a handful of foam into your hair and let it sit for 5 minutes (perfect time to shave!). Then rinse and follow with conditioner. Easy and effective.

They’re also formulated without the following, so it’s safe for you baby bearing ladies.

Alcohol, ammonia, peroxide, parabens, and sulfates so it’s safe for pregnant women and women with straightening or anti-frizz treatments.

Whether you’re in need of a color boost, want to add some shine, or need some tone tlc, Rita Hazan has you covered.

Next to try on the list? Rita’s Root Concealer. I’ve always been wary of root coverage products, but if it’s anything like her foaming gloss it’ll be a keeper.

Rita Hazan products are available on or at Sephora.

Also, if you’re in NYC, stop by her salon!