Ravishing Red Lips

shiseido-perfect-rouge-lipstick-ceriseI’m all about red lips in the winter. When my skin is a bit fairer, the orange and coral toned lips aren’t as cute as when I’m sporting a tan.

My favorite red lipstick is Shisedo’s Perfect Rouge lipstick in RD 516 because it’s a pretty cherry red and is really moisturizing (also a fav of Allure.com). Check out Huffington Post’s Best Red Lipstick list for other top reds lipsticks.

But finding the “perfect red of the moment” depends on a number of factors for me: occasion, outfit, season, time of day, and skin tone.

What’s the best way to figure out your tone? Try this trick from New Beauty:

Flip your wrist over. What color are your veins? If they’re blue-based, that means you have cool undertones. Are they more green-based? You have warmer tones.

Okay, now that we have tone down, what color should you use?

…fairer complexions should look for a more classic red and avoid anything too pink. If your tone is more medium, then a darker blue-based red will flatter you best. Darker skin tones should opt for a more orangey-red.

Watch this quick clip to find your perfect shade of red and for some other lipstick tricks involving q-tips and concealer!