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Femilady’s Holiday Gift Guide

I am super groggy, the house smells like turkey, and I am sporting a food baby at the moment… It must be the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday! While I… Continue reading

♩♪♫These are a few of my favorite things♩♪♫

I try not to covet, but one thing that makes me green with envy are those who hold golden tickets to Oprah’s Favorite Things show. Imagine if Santa was a badass woman (Oprah)… Continue reading

eos = awesome

Femilady is late–very late–to the “eos is excellent” party. How is this possible? I am batty for all things beauty, especially when it comes to products that are “clean”. Oh, I know…someone is… Continue reading

Bath & Body Essential: Jojoba Oil

You know that I love face oil, especially in the dry winter months. But this summer body oil has become my favorite new moisturizer, especially after a day in the sun or in… Continue reading

Fact: Dorco Shai Makes Shaving Less Annoying

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m no fan of shaving. I’m still crossing my fingers that one day I’ll wake up and “poof!” I’m permanently & entirely bald except for the head… Continue reading

Can someone named “Dorco” improve my shaving life?

I hate shaving. I really, really hate it. But I do it every day because I hate stubble and hair even more. If I could be bald everywhere but my face and head… Continue reading

Body Scrub-a-Dub

Like exfoliating your face, it’s important to exfoliate your body a few times a week. A good body polish is hard to find since a lot are either too messy/greasy (Alba), smell like… Continue reading

Smooth as Barry White’s Butt Voice

I hate shaving. I hate it so much. If I could be bald except for my head, brows (though I’d ask for some sparseness there), and eyelashes I would. If I can ever… Continue reading

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