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Hair Color Boost with Rita Hazan

Last week I noticed that I was way past due for a hair coloring. My roots were out of control, I was in serious need of some hairdresser-girl talk, and my color was… Continue reading

A Win with Wen?

Infomercials…they put me in this weird trance where I’m fully aware that I’m watching repeated–and often inane–content but I don’t seem to care. Blissful hypnosis by infomercial. What are some of Femilady’s favs?… Continue reading

All Risk, No Reward: Salon Professional Hair Care in Supermarkets

We’ve all heard it: a salon-only hair care product in supermarket/drugstore land is as out of place (and wrong) as Femilady on a campground. But I’m a skeptical lady and decided to investigate why this… Continue reading

Sojourn Haircare = Awesome

To all my fellow hair color junkies enthusiasts… Sulfates are your enemy. Or enemies? Not sure what’s grammatically correct on this one. You probably already know sulfates + color = bleh, but I… Continue reading

Keepin’ it Thick: Aveda’s Invati

You know what I love about Aveda? Pretty much every magazine I subscribe to–InStyle, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire–has an Aveda promo for free samples.Tear it out, bring it into your nearest Aveda store,… Continue reading

Want Luxe Long Locks? Enlist Kérastase’s Cristalliste

It’s a fact: Blake Lively is a freak of nature. Not only is she totally gorgeous, she’s insanely stylish–and she styles herself which makes her all the more likable. I think her hair… Continue reading

Oribe: Nonpareil Haircare

I can’t stand it when I fall in love with something that is so out of my league. And I’m definitely not talking about men. My “league” in this situation = my precious… Continue reading

How to Untangle a Rat’s Nest: Carol’s Daughter Leave-In Conditioner

When I take out my hair tie after a hot yoga class, my hair looks something like this. If I jump in the shower without brushing my hair out first, the rat’s nest… Continue reading

I Want: Cristalliste

I was working on another post involving Kerastase (such an amazing haircare line), and I came across the new Cristalliste line. Researching beauty is getting costly for this lady; gotta keep my spending… Continue reading

Pureology = pure bliss

I have crazy thick hair. Think the thickness of Mr. Ed’s mane + the unruliness of Weird Al’s yugoslav fro + the fugs-blah color of caca. It could be worse, I suppose…ref. C.… Continue reading

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