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Hair Color Boost with Rita Hazan

Last week I noticed that I was way past due for a hair coloring. My roots were out of control, I was in serious need of some hairdresser-girl talk, and my color was… Continue reading

Flatiron Faux Pas

For the first time in a long time, I broke out my trusty flatiron. Lately, I’ve been relying on my curling iron to rock the wave/curl look since my hair can’t make up its… Continue reading

How to Be Photogenic Phenom

There are some very, very unfortunate pictures of Femilady’s face out there. I’ve had enough bad pics that I know what to avoid: putting my big face next to one of my best… Continue reading

An Ode to Hair Mousse

Yeah, for reals. I always thought hair mousse was for (1) people with naturally curly hair or (2) people who like crispy-crunchy feeling hair. Then I got this awesome clipless curling iron–that are… Continue reading

A Win with Wen?

Infomercials…they put me in this weird trance where I’m fully aware that I’m watching repeated–and often inane–content but I don’t seem to care. Blissful hypnosis by infomercial. What are some of Femilady’s favs?… Continue reading

Holy Hairspray, Khiel’s!

Hairstyles are funny. My hair has been around the block and then some. It’s been red, jet black, platinum blonde. I’ve had narsty/skunky streaks, “The Rachael“, keratin treatments, and self-inflicted bangs. Now I’m… Continue reading

Brushes 103: Hair

Like makeup brushes, there isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all purposes” hair brush out there. Femilady uses 3 different types of brushes: Sephora’s Paddle Brush for detangling; Round Boar Bristle Brush for… Continue reading

Want Luxe Long Locks? Enlist Kérastase’s Cristalliste

It’s a fact: Blake Lively is a freak of nature. Not only is she totally gorgeous, she’s insanely stylish–and she styles herself which makes her all the more likable. I think her hair… Continue reading

Hair Breakage Lameness

On the lower-back of my head, I have this lame little patch of breakage in the lower layer of my hair. I know exactly why…hot yoga + hair in a bun = grumpy… Continue reading

Oribe: Nonpareil Haircare

I can’t stand it when I fall in love with something that is so out of my league. And I’m definitely not talking about men. My “league” in this situation = my precious… Continue reading

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