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Flatiron Faux Pas

For the first time in a long time, I broke out my trusty flatiron. Lately, I’ve been relying on my curling iron to rock the wave/curl look since my hair can’t make up its… Continue reading

An Exercise that = Deep Tissue Massage + Toned Muscles + Flexibility

Since I use my blog to post primarily about things I love (keeping it positive), you’d be surprised to know that I dislike a lot of things too. Rapid fire time! Drugstores (ok,… Continue reading

No More Hair Tool Hassle

What do I love more than a bathroom filled with beauty products & tools? A well-organized bathroom filled with beauty products & tools! Alas, some chaos is inevitable in a sometimes chaotic life.… Continue reading

Brushes 103: Hair

Like makeup brushes, there isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all purposes” hair brush out there. Femilady uses 3 different types of brushes: Sephora’s Paddle Brush for detangling; Round Boar Bristle Brush for… Continue reading

Beach Waves for Inept Hair-Handlers

As mentioned in my rave about Bumble and bumble, I am not good at styling hair. I’m good at taking care of it and keeping it healthy, but I’ve always been a big… Continue reading

Dry Shampoo Review and Trick

Dry Shampoo is a magical wonder. I would have killed for a bottle back in the day. Sometimes you put too much product in your hair (and it looks greasy). Or it’s finals… Continue reading

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