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Treat Yourself to a FREE Facial Massage

I’m doing this 60-day yoga challenge at my studio and as an early gift to myself I decided to get a little spa treat. The great thing about the treat is that I… Continue reading

Beautify Your Space with Plant Proliferation

I love where I live. Yes, I live in the best neighborhood–filled with some of my favorite bars, restaurants, and people–but it’s my actual abode that makes me unbelievably happy. So much light,… Continue reading

Dita Von Teese’s Dictum = A Beautiful New Year’s Resolution

99% of what I post about is superficial. Not necessarily superficial in the bad sense–where there’s lacking in depth of character or substance–but in the more literal “existing or occurring at or on… Continue reading

Birthday Beauty: Why I love Sisterlady…

Let me count the ways… You inspire me to be a more beautiful person on the inside every time we talk. You have given me the best gifts in the world: baby lady… Continue reading

Bookin’ It: Bobbi Brown’s Latest Treasure

Beauty isn’t about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality -Bobbi Brown My first “big girl makeup” purchase was for my 9th Grade Dinner dance. I went to Nordstrom, got a mini-makeover at… Continue reading

Are You An Active Beauty? Then Eat Like This…

I didn’t really understand the importance of fueling my body before and replenishing it after a workout until I started doing hot yoga. When you ask your body to do rigorous activity, you… Continue reading

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Oopsies! Sorry I’ve been MIA at the end of last week but I have a really good excuse…I was celebrating the ab fab wedding of my best friend in the whole wide world.… Continue reading

Protein Power

I never understood the whole protein-centric diet. Obviously protein is necessary, but the diets that prohibited fruits and other healthy carbohydrates always sounded like a Draconian form of punishment to Femilady. No fun.… Continue reading

Yes, It’s True: Less is More

For a makeup/beauty enthusiast,┬áless is more can be tough since there are so many fun products out there! But from a young age my mom and dad encouraged my sister and I that… Continue reading

How to be a more Beautiful Person

There are plenty of ways to be more beautiful inside and out. But here’s one quick and easy way to be a better, more beautiful you…buy from brands that don’t test on animals.… Continue reading

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