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The Splenda of Natural Products: Phenoxyethanol

I am officially the “Bad News” bear. Advertisements

New Site:

Hello my lovely readers- Starting tomorrow am, will become I have transferred all content, added some new posts, and am really excited about the fancy new design! WordPress will be transferring… Continue reading

Best Eye Makeup Remover: Natural, Cheap, & Effective

I’m baaaack… Before I reveal the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever tried, I want to let you know why I’ve been “post flakemaster” this month. I am building a new and improved… Continue reading

BB Creamin’ It: Sarah McNamara’s Miracle Skin Transformer

I’ve professed my undying love for Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer a number of times, but this doesn’t mean I’m opposed to trying new things on occasion. Like BB Creams. BB Creams are so… Continue reading

Treat Yourself to a FREE Facial Massage

I’m doing this 60-day yoga challenge at my studio and as an early gift to myself I decided to get a little spa treat. The great thing about the treat is that I… Continue reading

Hair Color Boost with Rita Hazan

Last week I noticed that I was way past due for a hair coloring. My roots were out of control, I was in serious need of some hairdresser-girl talk, and my color was… Continue reading

Spray Tan Ban

Watching the Golden Globes last Sunday reminded me that I am so damn pale. Yes, it’s my fault for living under a blanket of clouds 3/4 of the year in Seattle, but this… Continue reading

Testers: The Dirty Truth

I’m a health conscious lady, but you’d be disappoined surprised to know that there are a lot of things I choose to ignore. Like grams of sugar in a glass of wine or calories in… Continue reading

Royal Oil: Josie Maran’s Argan High Gloss Lip Quench

I’m like the freaking tin lady here. Or just a monomaniac. I think I have posted about my love affair with oil more than any other beauty topic. Face oil Hair oil Argan… Continue reading

Lip Scrub: Is It Essential?

As much as I love beauty products, I am still wary of gimmicks and fads. Do I really need a separate lotion for my neck and décolletage? Can’t I just use my regular… Continue reading

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