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♩♪♫These are a few of my favorite things♩♪♫

I try not to covet, but one thing that makes me green with envy are those who hold golden tickets to Oprah’s Favorite Things show. Imagine if Santa was a badass woman (Oprah)… Continue reading

New(ish) Line to Love: Koh Gen Do

It all started with an actress concerned with her stressed skin… No, this isn’t a fictional movie tagline–though I would totally watch it. It’s a true account from Koh Gen Do’s founder. I… Continue reading

To Tone or Not to Tone? That is the Question…

And the answer is… …it depends. For me it is. For some people it isn’t. Remember my golden rule of “what works for others may not work for you” and vice versa especially when… Continue reading

Ingredient Checklist: What to Avoid

Oftentimes, we’re more attracted to a product based on what ‘fancy ingredients’ are in it versus what’s not in it. I mean, it sounds cool when there’s a top secret-magical-miracle ingredient, but in… Continue reading

Beauty and the Heat: Caudalie’s Refreshingly Rad Beauty Elixir

This weekend I am going to sit my butt in my fancy-geriatric lawn chair with some cocktails and lie in the sun all weekend–with sunscreen of course. I’m also thinking of having a… Continue reading

Suki Skincare’s Guide to Caca Synthetic Ingredients

I’ve been wanting to post a list of skincare ingredients to avoid, but I have been really lazy. And it’s a lot  of research, which I like to do, but sometimes this stuff… Continue reading

Korres Toner

You know I love my Caudalie Toner, but I saw this new Korres Toner featured in  The 25 Best Spring Beauty Products Under $25. I love my Korres’ lip balm in Pomegranate and… Continue reading

Toner: Caudalie

Toner is a strange concept to a lot of people. Why, after you wash your face, would you need to clean it some more? Well, first consider that there are some undesirable elements… Continue reading

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