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Treat Yourself to a FREE Facial Massage

I’m doing this 60-day yoga challenge at my studio and as an early gift to myself I decided to get a little spa treat. The great thing about the treat is that I… Continue reading

The Mother of all Covers: It Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye

Concealing a blemish is like a freaking art. Actually, it’s more of a practice in patience, acceptance (yes, that blemish will still be there in 5 min), and knowing when to stop playing.… Continue reading

Lip Scrub: Is It Essential?

As much as I love beauty products, I am still wary of gimmicks and fads. Do I really need a separate lotion for my neck and décolletage? Can’t I just use my regular… Continue reading

Get the “Park Avenue Princess” Party Look

Happy New Years Eve! I’m usually a Grinch on New Years Eve since (1) you have to stay up late and (2) it always seems like a lot of work: getting an outfit,… Continue reading

Best Beauty Resources

Don’t you love doing research when it’s more of a hobby than homework? I have several things that I love to research on a regular basis–recipes, places to travel, history of Russia (my… Continue reading

An Exercise that = Deep Tissue Massage + Toned Muscles + Flexibility

Since I use my blog to post primarily about things I love (keeping it positive), you’d be surprised to know that I dislike a lot of things too. Rapid fire time! Drugstores (ok,… Continue reading

Avoiding Blush Blunders With Application Accuracy

As mentioned in Avoiding Blush Blunders With Shade Savvy, using the proper shade of blush for your complexion is critical if you want to enhance your already lovely mug. But choosing the right shade… Continue reading

Beauty “Box”-ing Craze

The Internets…’tis a curious beast. I’m in awe of how its accessibility can produce such saturated viral markets, however niche-y said markets are. Take the beauty box craze. There a so many of… Continue reading

How to Be Photogenic Phenom

There are some very, very unfortunate pictures of Femilady’s face out there. I’ve had enough bad pics that I know what to avoid: putting my big face next to one of my best… Continue reading

“Wine-y” Teeth

No surprises here, Femilady hearts her wine. I love white & red, but I usually avoid the latter while out and about since purple teeth tend to cramp my smile style. So, white… Continue reading

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