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Samples 101

When I was in hotlanta last week, I went to Sephora with my momma and big sis to help them find specific products. I provided some product recommendations to them, but insisted they… Continue reading

I heart my momma lil’ debs

I love my mom. She is one tough cookie and has told me to suck it up at least 70,000 times. I like to feel sorry for myself sometimes, but hearing my mom… Continue reading

Baby Lady Day

I’ve never been a big “kids” person. I think will like my own, but I have never been a big fan of screaming, crying, snot-filled kids (esp.  in droves). Well, that was the… Continue reading

Don’t Dry Off Post Shower

I heard the best tip from the guy who ruined the Police’s “I’ll be Watching You” for me forever…Puff Daddy: Don’t dry off immediately after you shower. Put lotion/oil on wet skin and… Continue reading

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