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Tipping Points: How to treat your stylist right

Here’s an equation that even I can understand: Femilady + math = a giant crapcluster It’s true. It’s so true, it hurts my head. Thinking about it right now is plunging me into… Continue reading

A Capt. Skeptical Investigation: Oolong Tea = Weight Loss?

Since it’s swimsuit season (unless you’re in Seattle aka Gloomcrap City USA), thought it would be a good time to post on this little keeper about Oolong Tea. Not a believer in “weight… Continue reading

I heart my momma lil’ debs

I love my mom. She is one tough cookie and has told me to suck it up at least 70,000 times. I like to feel sorry for myself sometimes, but hearing my mom… Continue reading

Baby Lady Day

I’ve never been a big “kids” person. I think will like my own, but I have never been a big fan of screaming, crying, snot-filled kids (esp. ┬áin droves). Well, that was the… Continue reading

Feelin’ Boo-Hag? Get some Cal-Mag!

Ugh. I woke up the other night with super crampy cramps in my legs. Yes, I had a crazy intense Power Vinyasa class, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Who knows… Continue reading

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