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The Mother of all Covers: It Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye

Concealing a blemish is like a freaking art. Actually, it’s more of a practice in patience, acceptance (yes, that blemish will still be there in 5 min), and knowing when to stop playing.… Continue reading

Get the “Park Avenue Princess” Party Look

Happy New Years Eve! I’m usually a Grinch on New Years Eve since (1) you have to stay up late and (2) it always seems like a lot of work: getting an outfit,… Continue reading

Avoiding Blush Blunders With Application Accuracy

As mentioned in Avoiding Blush Blunders With Shade Savvy, using the proper shade of blush for your complexion is critical if you want to enhance your already lovely mug. But choosing the right shade… Continue reading

How to Be Photogenic Phenom

There are some very, very unfortunate pictures of Femilady’s face out there. I’ve had enough bad pics that I know what to avoid: putting my big face next to one of my best… Continue reading

Makeup Video Tutorials Courtesy of Lady Lisa Eldridge

I’m lady judgy-pants sometimes. A lot of beauty video tutorials are annoying because… they’re overproduced with annoying music and dancing bears they’re hawking beauty wares this lady no-likey and ostensibly sponsored by a particular… Continue reading

Tipping Points: How to treat your stylist right

Here’s an equation that even I can understand: Femilady + math = a giant crapcluster It’s true. It’s so true, it hurts my head. Thinking about it right now is plunging me into… Continue reading

Bookin’ It: Bobbi Brown’s Latest Treasure

Beauty isn’t about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality -Bobbi Brown My first “big girl makeup” purchase was for my 9th Grade Dinner dance. I went to Nordstrom, got a mini-makeover at… Continue reading

Fashion Week: Beauty Pro’s Favorites

I love and respect makeup and hair artists more than I can express. It is an artistic medium and instead of a blank canvas, makeup artists have to adapt to different skin/hair types,… Continue reading

Practical & Pretty: Eyeshadow Palettes

Over the years I’ve acquired a few eyeshadow palettes (my favs are YSL’s Ombrés 5 Lumieres Palette  and Two Faced’s Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection). But I buy them for one or two… Continue reading

Makeup Brushes 101: The Basics

Variety is a good thing, especially when it comes to makeup brushes. Over a decade ago, I realized that my beloved big fat bronzer brush that I used throughout High School was not… Continue reading

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