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Treat Yourself to a FREE Facial Massage

I’m doing this 60-day yoga challenge at my studio and as an early gift to myself I decided to get a little spa treat. The great thing about the treat is that I… Continue reading

Lip Scrub: Is It Essential?

As much as I love beauty products, I am still wary of gimmicks and fads. Do I really need a separate lotion for my neck and d√©colletage? Can’t I just use my regular… Continue reading

An Exercise that = Deep Tissue Massage + Toned Muscles + Flexibility

Since I use my blog to post primarily about things I love (keeping it positive), you’d be surprised to know that I dislike a lot of things too. Rapid fire time! Drugstores (ok,… Continue reading

How to Be Photogenic Phenom

There are some very, very unfortunate pictures of Femilady’s face out there. I’ve had enough bad pics that I know what to avoid: putting my big face next to one of my best… Continue reading

Makeup Video Tutorials Courtesy of Lady Lisa Eldridge

I’m lady judgy-pants sometimes. A lot of beauty video tutorials are annoying because… they’re overproduced with annoying music and dancing bears they’re hawking beauty wares this lady no-likey and ostensibly¬†sponsored by a particular… Continue reading

Tipping Points: How to treat your stylist right

Here’s an equation that even I can understand: Femilady + math = a giant crapcluster It’s true. It’s so true, it hurts my head. Thinking about it right now is plunging me into… Continue reading

Fashion Week: Beauty Pro’s Favorites

I love and respect makeup and hair artists more than I can express. It is an artistic medium and instead of a blank canvas, makeup artists have to adapt to different skin/hair types,… Continue reading

Makeup Brushes 102: Quality Care

Real Simple puts it best when they describe cleaning makeup brushes: Cleaning your brushes is a lot like flossing your teeth. We know how important it is but we don’t do it as… Continue reading

Celeb Repurpose Tip: Rosebud Salve

Fact: if you can repurpose a product–even if you don’t use it for what you originally purchased it for–it’s worth every single penny. Last month, I wrote about reusing your back-of-the-drawer products. But… Continue reading

How to be a more Beautiful Person

There are plenty of ways to be more beautiful inside and out. But here’s one quick and easy way to be a better, more beautiful you…buy from brands that don’t test on animals.… Continue reading

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