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“Wine-y” Teeth

No surprises here, Femilady hearts her wine. I love white & red, but I usually avoid the latter while out and about since purple teeth tend to cramp my smile style. So, white… Continue reading

Mash of the Titans: Mr. Lagerfeld + Shu Uemera

It’s here! I’ve been waiting–not so patiently–for this makeup launch: Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura is finally here! So, there are some lame-o haters out there that don’t like it when fashion designers branch out.… Continue reading

Makeup Video Tutorials Courtesy of Lady Lisa Eldridge

I’m lady judgy-pants sometimes. A lot of beauty video tutorials are annoying because… they’re overproduced with annoying music and dancing bears they’re hawking beauty wares this lady no-likey and ostensibly sponsored by a particular… Continue reading

Makeup Brushes 102: Quality Care

Real Simple puts it best when they describe cleaning makeup brushes: Cleaning your brushes is a lot like flossing your teeth. We know how important it is but we don’t do it as… Continue reading

Necessary or Not: Fancy Eye Roller Applicators

I’m finally getting into the eye cream game.  I’ve been seriously stubborn about this one, thinking that whatever moisturizer I use on my face is good for my under eyes. Well…not necessarily true.… Continue reading

Eyelash Curler

Since I work from home, I never wear makeup during the day. But before manfriend comes home or I head to yoga I always do 2 things: put on lip stain curl my… Continue reading

Brow tools

If you read the epic tale of Brows McGee & the Evil Mirror you probably think I use 3 different types of tweezers, scissors, and a beard trimmer on my brows. Well, you’re… Continue reading

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