Lady Terms

I love trying new beauty products, but I love the healthy condition of my skin and my readers much more.

I am more than willing to try most products, treatments, and services but if I dislike the experience or results I simply won’t post about it.

I am a believer in the trash-treasure deal and what doesn’t work for me might be wonderful for someone else (unless if your product/service is like this, this, or this).

And as a non-absolutist and as someone who is working to be a more positive person on a daily basis, I don’t find much value in wasting my energy bashing products, treatments, and services. I recommend what I like, with the intention that my readers are fully aware that my hair/skin type, preferences, and standards are just mine.

If I happen to love your product,  I will sing my glorious praises on the Internets. You’ll just have to accept that your positive review might be bombarded embellished with obnoxious diction, tangential rants, and pictures of my fats.