Old(er) Lady Crush

The Queen (Helen Mirren) has been dethroned as my ultimate old(er) lady crush. Peggy Lipton (mother of Rashida Jones, another lady crush of mine) now reigns. I really think my man friend is jealous.… Continue reading

The Curious Case of Old Man Baby Mineral Oil = Breakouts

My history with Decleor is a lot like my history with therapy. I feel so much better when I go, but then I get distracted by other things or I’ll try to save… Continue reading

Lip Stain

I despise lip gloss. I don’t like how it looks, feels, or tastes (can’t be good for you!). But I also don’t like lipstick. It smears, isn’t hydrating enough, and lasts for 5… Continue reading

Bottoms Up

I think “studies” are usually bs. Someone always has an agenda. Something “definitive” will be contradicted in a month. I choose to ignore them. Except for this little gem: Alcohol can make you… Continue reading

Makeup + Marc Jacobs = Happy Femilday

Anything to me that is part of the joy, the ritual, of getting dressed — things that women enjoy like bags, shoes, fragrance, clothes, makeup — that’s what fashion’s about for me. –… Continue reading

Hemp Powder

My dear friend told me I’m turning into a California soccer mom; fake blond hair, yoga addict, and I actually enjoy taking stuff like wheatgrass shots. To add to the list, I’ve included… Continue reading


Oh man, I’m in trouble. I was innocently perusing Styleist and this article has turned me into a monster. My prey? Tatcha! Check out that beautiful packaging They only offer a handful of… Continue reading

Smooth as Barry White’s Butt Voice

I hate shaving. I hate it so much. If I could be bald except for my head, brows (though I’d ask for some sparseness there), and eyelashes I would. If I can ever… Continue reading

Don’t Dry Off Post Shower

I heard the best tip from the guy who ruined the Police’s “I’ll be Watching You” for me forever…Puff Daddy: Don’t dry off immediately after you shower. Put lotion/oil on wet skin and… Continue reading

Tale of Brows McGee and the Evil Mirror

If god blessed cursed you with crazy Peter Gallagher eyebrows like me and you need to pluck every evening, you might have one of those magnifying mirrors. They’re great at helping you get… Continue reading

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