Need More Gift Ideas? Check out M·A·C Holiday Collections

12 more days till Santa Claus comes to town! It’s ok if you want to punch me in the face…my holiday enthusiasm might just be an annoying reminder that there are only 12 more… Continue reading

And the “Color of 2013” is…

Instead of making (and not keeping) resolutions each year, one of my best friends and I make up mottos to set the tone for the year ahead. Here are a few of my… Continue reading

Save Big on Tarte Products Now through Dec 13

Oh my goodness! Christmas came early this year and I am showering myself with gifts from Tarte Cosmetics! Now through December 13, get 30% off everything at This is an insane deal for insanely… Continue reading

I Want: Benefit’s fine-one-one

If Benefit Cosmetics was a person, it would be that hilarious, quirky, gorgeous friend who oozes confidence. If you’ve ever encountered Benefit products, you know that their packaging and marketing is so fun… Continue reading

Tarte’s Maracuja Oil proves “not all oil is created equal”

Maracuja…sounds so seductive. What is (cue seductive voice) Maracuja…? It’s actually “Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil” aka cold-pressed oil from passion fruit aka radtastic skin savior. Due to my skin winter woes, I’m on a… Continue reading

Face Oils Revisited

If I had a genie in a bottle I’d wish for a product that could be used for all skin types, concerns, and conditions. Unfortunately, I do not believe in genies, so my… Continue reading

Tip Time: This One Is a Keeper…

Oh, dreaded dry weather…you’re such a little shyster. My skin is experiencing the blemish blues, and it’s super annoying. I’m trying really hard to leave it alone and not overwhelm my skin with… Continue reading

Avoiding Blush Blunders With Application Accuracy

As mentioned in Avoiding Blush Blunders With Shade Savvy, using the proper shade of blush for your complexion is critical if you want to enhance your already lovely mug. But choosing the right shade… Continue reading

Beauty “Box”-ing Craze

The Internets…’tis a curious beast. I’m in awe of how its accessibility can produce such saturated viral markets, however niche-y said markets are. Take the beauty box craze. There a so many of… Continue reading

Not Just Lip Service: First Aid Beauty Delivers

You’ve seen Hoarders, right? While it’s somewhat entertaining, I find it quite terrifying. And not because of the piles of gnarly knick-knacks and doll heads. No, it’s terrifying to Femilady because she can… Continue reading

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