The Inspiration

If you read “The Apple” you’ll know that this blog is now devoted to all things health and beauty related.

So why am I doing this, besides the whole “penance” deal?

Well, it’s true that my best and worst ideas transpire after a few rounds. But I can’t take credit for this golden idea…

I was drinking wine and whiskey (good back-to-back combo) with one of my dearest friends on a typical “the weather in this city blows” Seattle evening and she suggested that I share my [incomparable] knowledge about [profound] topics like health and beauty [with the whole wide world].*

I am often the first person my friends ask about health related items and beauty products. Not because they trust my opinion necessarily, but probably because I yap my trap about it all the time AND it looks like I am running a black market Sephora store in my bathroom.

And these are the reasons why.

*All items in brackets have been added for emphasis by yours truly.