The Apple

My name is Emily Femilady and I am a beauty & health product junkie.

It all began in 1992 when I was jealous that my older sister got Noxzema and I was stuck with Clearasil (note, I do not recommend either of these products). At 10 years old I decided that I too was entitled to a life filled with the best of the best.

Ever the sneaky little imp, I would use her Noxzema every night when I was pretending to take a #2.

From that time forward I was set on finding and using the best products (which no longer includes products that smell like vic’s vapor rub).

That was my ‘original sin’ so to speak and ever since I’ve been a street walker for all things health and beauty.

Two decades later, as an act of penance, I vow to share all of the things I’ve learned (good and bad) on this little blog with the people I love. I do get enjoyment out of it, however, so not sure this qualifies as expiation.

The title of my site, Female Chaplin, pays homage to the most beautiful woman who ever lived, Giulietta Masina.