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A Win with Wen?

Infomercials…they put me in this weird trance where I’m fully aware that I’m watching repeated–and often inane–content but I don’t seem to care. Blissful hypnosis by infomercial. What are some of Femilady’s favs?… Continue reading

All Risk, No Reward: Salon Professional Hair Care in Supermarkets

We’ve all heard it: a salon-only hair care product in supermarket/drugstore land is as out of place (and wrong) as Femilady on a campground. But I’m a skeptical lady and decided to investigate¬†why¬†this… Continue reading

Sojourn Haircare = Awesome

To all my fellow hair color junkies enthusiasts… Sulfates are your enemy. Or enemies? Not sure what’s grammatically correct on this one. You probably already know sulfates + color = bleh, but I… Continue reading

Oribe: Nonpareil Haircare

I can’t stand it when I fall in love with something that is so out of my league. And I’m definitely not talking about men. My “league” in this situation = my precious… Continue reading

Hair of the Masks

As I’ve already discussed, I have a crazy thick mound of hair. I’ve tried some super pricey hair masks like Shu Umera’s Shusu Sleek, Oribe’s Signature Moisture Mask, and Kerastase’s Oleo Relax Slim… Continue reading

I Want: Cristalliste

I was working on another post involving Kerastase (such an amazing haircare line), and I came across the new Cristalliste line. Researching beauty is getting costly for this lady; gotta keep my spending… Continue reading

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