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S.L.S. please someone help me…

I know it’s S.O.S., but this is a beauty/health blog, so bear with me. It’s cold(er) out there and for us ‘dryfaces’ it’s not our most favorable season. So it bothers me that… Continue reading

New(ish) Line to Love: Koh Gen Do

It all started with an actress concerned with her stressed skin… No, this isn’t a fictional movie tagline–though I would totally watch it. It’s a true account from Koh Gen Do’s founder. I… Continue reading

Buzzkill: Cetaphil’s Dirty Truth

Sorry. I hate buzzkills as much as anyone else. But I have to do it. When I found out my beloved La Mer had mineral oil I was in denial for quite some… Continue reading

Ingredient Checklist: What to Avoid

Oftentimes, we’re more attracted to a product based on what ‘fancy ingredients’ are in it versus what’s not in it. I mean, it sounds cool when there’s a top secret-magical-miracle ingredient, but in… Continue reading

Affordable Beauty Lines

After reading reports on the rising unemployment rate and the DOW plunge, I thought it would be good to list some of my favorite–more affordable–skincare lines. And no, this doesn’t mean heading to… Continue reading

Suki Skincare’s Guide to Caca Synthetic Ingredients

I’ve been wanting to post a list of skincare ingredients to avoid, but I have been really lazy. And it’s a lot ¬†of research, which I like to do, but sometimes this stuff… Continue reading

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